Appletree Dental Care, 3 Crow Road, Glasgow, G11 7RT

Tel: 0141 339 1961

Dental Services in Glasgow

Appletree Dental Care attracts patients and referrals from dentists across Scotland for our cosmetic dentistry procedures and particularly our dental implants work.

However we also offer general dental services to our patients living here in Glasgow.

If you would like an appointment for treatment or just want to discuss your options do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dental Hygienist

Our professional hygienist will be glad to welcome you with regular check-ups, friendly advice on dental care and specific treatments relating to our cosmetic procedures such as braces treatments. 

Dental Sedation

We understand some patients experience a degree of stress at the thought of their dentist visits and do our best to put them at ease. As part of our service we can offer a sedation for particularly nervous dental patients or where a procedure calls for it.

Inlays and White Fillings

If you need a filling we do our best to offer a cosmetically pleasing solution. Many patients have old fillings from an early time and want to know about replacing them with newer style whit fillings.

Dental Pain

If any of our patients are experiencing toothache or have a dental trauma we want to hear from them. If the situation is urgent please pick up the phone.

Dental Finance

If money is tight or you just want to spread the cost of your dental payments over a period of time, don’t hesitate to ask us about our dental finance options.

The dentists at Appletree Dental Care are registered with the General Dental Council