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NHS Dental Treatments in Glasgow

The NHS is there to help every patient maintain a healthy and stable mouth. It does that through treating the vast variety of different conditions patients come to see us about.

Dental Decay

If you have any dental decay, we provide small fillings. These may be metal amalgam for your back teeth but you can get white composite fillings for your front teeth. These white fillings blend in better with your other teeth,

Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth causing spaces in your mouth, you can get partial dentures – usually acrylic – on the NHS. These dentures can be very discrete and will fit well if correctly made.

Broken Teeth

Sometimes patients come to us with well-worn or fractured teeth. In this case we may crown the teeth.

This usually involves a small metal jacket placed over your tooth. We will then add a layer of porcelain over this, particularly if it is front tooth, and this will be shaded to blend in with the teeth on either side of it.

Gum Disease

You are also covered for gum disease under the NHS. We can do an NHS scale and polish and we usually do that with our patients every six months. However we may schedule these appointments for every three months for patients with more serious gum disease.

Dental Extraction

Occasionally we need to extract teeth. And if a tooth has an infection or has particularly bad decay, we may provide root canal treatment. Again this is covered under NHS treatment.

Regular NHS Appointments

Most dental treatment under the NHS is designed to help you maintain a healthy pain-free mouth and if you attend the practice every six months – or three months if necessary – it is very unlikely that you will need more advanced treatment.