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Cosmetic Dentistry Gallery

Dental Implants

Porcelain Veneers, Bridges and Crowns

Clear Braces

Invisible Braces, Treatment Time 5 Months


invisible braces 5 before


invisible braces 5 after

Invisible braces, treatment time 5 months, cost £2000

Clear Braces and Retainers Example




clear braces retainers after

Clear braces and retainers: £2000 total cost.

Six Month Smiles Clear Braces Treatment and Composite Bonding





Six Month Smiles clear braces treatment and tooth whitening, including retainer fees, £2000. The composite bonding on upper front teeth cost £50 per tooth in this case

Upper and Lower Cosmetic Braces with Retainer





Upper and lower cosmetic braces, whitening and retainers. Treatment time 7 months: £2530 - including X-ray and free consultation

Cosmetic Braces, Whitening, Composite Fillings on Two Front Teeth





Cosmetic Braces, whitening, composite fillings on two front teeth: £2610 - including retainers

Six Month Smiles After Whitening


galley case1-before


gallery case1-after

Six Month Smiles (after whitening): £2500 total cost

Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces





Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces: £2500 upper and lower total cost

Lower teeth Six Month Smiles Including Whitening





Lower teeth Six Month Smiles £2000 including whitening and retainers

Gallery Notes

Porcelain Gallery

Our porcelain gallery covers different cosmetic dentistry procedures including porcelain veneers, dental bridges and dental crowns.

Apart from making a physical difference to the patient by repairing various dental issues these can often deliver a positive psychological uplift. Particularly if we are able to improve a long term dental issue,

We take great care, together with our dental laboratory partners, to try and ensure any porcelain additions are shaped and shaded to match the patient’s own teeth.

You can find out more about porcelain veneers, bridges and dental crowns within this website as well as prices for all cosmetic dentistry work.

Dental Implant Gallery

Many people phone our Glasgow practice curious to know what sort of difference dental implants could make to their smile. As you can see from the images in our implants gallery, this is one of the most significant types of dental work but it can also be the most rewarding, replacing missing or broken teeth or just teeth which have degenerated beyond repair.

We use modern titanium implants from Biohorizons for our implantology and as you can see from our patient testimonials many of our patients are delighted with the end results.

Implants may not be your own teeth but they are the next best thing. Certainly the offer a better option for many people than dentures. You can find out more about dental implants here.

Clear Braces Gallery

Most patients who have short term orthodontics are very happy to see the photographs we take after their treatment. There is invariably a clear improvement from their original irregular smile or over-crowded teeth or whatever dental irregularity has led them to seek help.

Most of these treatment, such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are chosen because they produce relatively quick results. They are also had to spot during treatment. Many patients report that their colleagues or friends do not even notice they are wearing braces.

If you would like to know about short term orthodontics check out our clear braces page.