Dental Case Studies

These are just some of the patients we have helped recently in our Glasgow dentist practice. Some of the dental case studies may reflect your own condition or requirements - for example, tricky implants, jagged or crooked teeth, perhaps an interest in getting porcelain veneers before your wedding day. However it is always best to contact us for a free initial appointment to find out what exactly we can do for you. 

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Implant Crown Case Study: Finding the Right Shade for the Patient’s Teeth

This patient came for implant crowns but wanted the porcelain shaded to match his existing stained teeth.

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Dental Implant Prices and an Implant Case Study

Jeanette searched online for dental implant prices in Glasgow and came to Appletree for a better deal and first class implant work.

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Same Day Porcelain Veneers Case Study – Replacing NHS Veneers

What happened when we replaced old NHS porcelain veneers after James had expressed an interest in cosmetic dentistry at his routine checkup in Glasgow.

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Golden Implant Crown – Glasgow Case Study

This patient arrived in our Glasgow surgery with a very specific dental request. He wanted us to fit a gold tooth to fill a space at the front of his mouth.

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Mini Dental Implants and Ceramic Porcelain Crowns Case Study

Mini implants are proving successful for long term replacement of missing and broken teeth as you can read in this case study.

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Solving Crowded and Crooked Teeth – Clear Braces Case Study

Case study of how clear braces were used to help solve Melissa’s crooked and crowded teeth. Her Glasgow dentist used near invisible braces over six months to excellent effect.

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Dental Implants and Porcelain Bonded Crown – Case Study

Mrs Singh from Glasgow required dental implants but needed bone grafts first. She also received two porcelain bonded crowns.

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Replacing Old NHS Porcelain Veneers

James did not like his old discoloured NHS porcelain veneers and wanted Dr Murphy to redo them. The ensuing cosmetic dentistry work also included gum recontouring..

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Spacing Between Teeth – A Case Study with Porcelain Veneers

Mark did not like the spaces between his teeth. But he did want to keep his gold teeth!

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Covering a Brown Tooth with a Porcelain Veneer – Case Study

Stephanie, a patient from the West End of Glasgow, complained of a single bronw tooth but also wanted a porcelain veneer over the jagged edges of her teeth.

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Implants and Smoking – Dental Case Study

The appearance of Brian’s teeth was affected by a history of smoking which can cause staining. A perfect match, however, was established between the new crowns and the old ones.

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Clear Brackets For Chipped Front Teeth Case Study

Treatment took six months and involved a system which is similar to Six Month Smiles but with hand placed cosmetic brackets.

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Incisor Porcelain Crown Case Study

How our Glasgow dentist replaced an old discoloured porcelain crown on the patient’s incisor with a new more cosmetic version.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Case Study Marion’s Story

Marion had several different cosmetic dentistry issues including chipped teeth and dark and stained teeth.

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Case Study – Porcelain Crowns for Badly Stained Teeth

James from Paisley had a very unfortunate and severe case of antibiotic staining of all of his teeth.

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Removable Dentures Replaced by Dental Implants: Dentist Case Study

Sandra from Dundee had been referred to Appletree Dental Care by a former professional colleague of Dr Murphy.

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Dark Front Tooth Covered with Porcelain Dental Crown: Case Study

Charlene from Motherwell presented with a root treated central incisor which had become progressively darker.

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Tooth Coloured Wires – a Six Month Smiles Case Study

Another upper arch only case involving Six Month Smiles here in Glasgow.

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Braces Before Wedding Case Study – Lisa

One of our patients had invisible braces work carried out prior to her wedding.

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Cosmetic Implant Glasgow Case Study

This case demonstrates an ideal alternative to fixed porcelain bridgework.

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Dental Implants And Cigarette Smoking Case Study – Innes

Dental Implants and cigarette smoking do not go well together.

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Clear Braces Glasgow Case Study – Craig’s Story

Craig came to us for porcelain veneers for his front teeth.

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Upper Porcelain Veneers Case Study

This case study from our Glasgow dental practice involved two upper porcelain veneers.

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Dental Implant Case Study with Porcelain Crown

This patient needed an implant to replace a decaying upper right premolar.

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Implant Bridge Case Study: Do Not Leave it Too Long

The perils of waiting too long after tooth extraction for dental implants are evident in this case study for an implant bridge.

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Porcelain Bridge Case Study – Getting the Shading Right

This is an example of the latest dental technology and the skill of a good dental technician. Here we have a bridge replacement in the upper left quadrant. You can see very well the limits of old dental porcelain (in terms of colours and the lack of translucency) contrasted with the benefits of metal-free modern […]

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About these dental case studies

Dr Murphy has worked as a dentist in Glasgow for more than twenty years and has acquired a mass of experience and knowledge which he applies to the benefit of his patients and is happy to share by way of practical examples here.

All the case summarised on this page are real dental case studies which he or his colleagues have seen in our Glasgow dental practice.

Many of them illustrate the health and psychological benefits of cosmetic dentistry and its application in a variety of situations which patients have experienced. These can be from dental injury, damage or decay to the necessity or desire to make changes for mostly cosmetic reasons.

It is important to acknowledge that desire for a cosmetic change can be just as powerful and justified as the case for replacing a broken or missing tooth.

The dental case studies listed here cover a variety of challenges for a dentist. But one thing is certain, every patient has a particular case history and we treat everyone equally as a matter of principle.

If you are interested in the possibilities for your own dental situation we would encourage you to browse the cosmetic dentistry treatments within this site and then the relevant case studies on this page.

There are also testimonials and testimonial videos throughout the website from patients who have undergone different treatments, some whose stories may particularly interest you.

However if you do not find a case which corresponds to your own situation just ask our staff, telephone or request a free consultation and we will be glad to take a look at your situation and make some recommendations and together draw up a treatment plan.

There is no point in enduring an unhappy dental situation where the means of solving it are to be found, initially, at the end of a telephone. Contact us today and we will be glad to help.

Dr Murphy is registered with the General Dental Council which sets and maintains the standards for dental patients in the UK