Cosmetic Dentistry Prices

About Our Dental Prices

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry we provide the best service we can - we do not skimp on equipment or costs - and we believe in fair pricing. We understand people want the best cosmetic dentist they can find but don't want to pay extortionate private dentist prices.

As a result many of our private treatment prices are lower than the Scottish average and our aim is to be the best in Glasgow when aligned with the standard of treatment and aftercare.

survey of dental implant prices found that the UK average for a single tooth implant is £2,415. The average in Scotland is £2,600. By comparison, a dental implant at Appletree Dental Care costs £1900.

Our prices for dental crowns are also well below the Scottish average and our cosmetic dentures are unbelievably well-priced compared to most UK dentists.

If you would like to know more about our prices or to make a free initial appointment to find out what cosmetic treatments we offer, please contact the practice.

Cosmetic Treatments

New Patient ConsultationFree of charge
Routine Exam£19
Root Treatment From£150
Hygienist Visit£32
Porcelain Crowns£399
White Fillings from£35-90
Tooth Whitening£310
Enlighten Whitening£500
Dental Implant (for a single implant)£1050
Dental Implant (each of multiple)£1000
Implant Crown per tooth (incl. gold ceramic abutments)£800-850
Same day veneers£399 each
Snap on smiles 6 Teeth or Less£700
Snap on Smiles Full Arch£900
Intravenous Sedation£150 per session
Single Lava/Procera Crown£450
Multiple Lava/Procera Crowns£390
Full cosmetic denture one arch£499
Full cosmetic denture set upper and lower£600-750
Partial Dentures£250-599
Partial Valplast£450
CBCT Scan (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)from £175



Conventional orthodontic braces for under 18 years£975 per arch
(all inclusive of x rays, models and adjustments).
Conventional orthodontic braces for adults£1450 per arch
(all inclusive of x rays, models and adjustments)
White Brackets Additional£250 per arch
Six Month Smiles£2500 both arches
Six Month Smiles£2000 one arch
Inman Aligner£1450
Clearstep, Invisalign and Simpli5 from£1250
STB Social Six Lingual Braces£2500 one arch
STB Social Six Lingual Braces£4000 two arches
Fastbraces - Simple case 1 arch£2000
Fastbraces - Simple case 2 archwa£2500
Fastbraces - Complex case 1 arch£2500
Fastbraces - Complex case 2 arches£3000
Fastbraces extra fee for clear brackets£250 per arch
Bonded retainers£150 each
Removable retainers£80 each
Free removable (not bonded) retainers and tooth whitening with 6 Month Smiles

Straighter Teeth

Orthodontic treatment is not just for teenagers. An increasing number of our adult patients come to us wanting a fast, safe route to straighter teeth.

Find out about clear braces

Porcelain Veneers

There is no need to put up with dark or heavily-stained teeth. Porcelain veneers, matched and shaded to your exact requirements are a popular option for many of our patients.

Discover porcelain veneers

Dental Implants

Better than unsightly gaps in your teeth. And in most case far better than or dentures. Dental implants are long-lasting, look great and are the next best thing to having your own teeth.

Are dental implants for you?
before and after dental cosmetic treatment
before nad after teeth photos
before and after cosmetic dental work

We are proud of the way we have been able to help our patients get the results they need and want from their dental work. Take a look at some of the before-and-after dental images to see the sort of results you can achieve with cosmetic dentistry.

Case Study: Dental Implants For Less

It wasn't her first concern but when Jeanette needed dental implants she didn't want to pay over the odds. She searched dental implant prices for Glasgow on the internet, liked what she saw at Appletree and came to our practice for treatment. She didn't regret it. Read more about Jeanette's dental implants treatment here.

patient after cosmetic dental surgery

Dental Finance Options

Everybody has concerns about the cost of dentistry, particularly for private treatment.

We are totally transparent about the cost of our cosmetic treatments and many patients say we compare very favourably with quotes they have received elsewhere in Glasgow and further afield.

We also have a number of solutions to help you spread the cost of your dental treatment including dental payment plans and 0% interest options. Or you can just choose to pay as you go. Many patients do.

Contact Andrena at the practice to ask about your different payment options.

NHS Dentist Prices

We are also NHS dentists for Glasgow and display a comprehensive range of NHS dental prices on this website. We tell you who is entitled to free NHS dental treatment and, otherwise, how much you are required to pay for many different NHS treatments.


Treatment always needs to be paid for on the day it is carried out. We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Switch, Mastercard, American Express, and all other major credit or debit cards. We also accept cheques or cash.

An advance payment may be required for crowns, implants, veneers, dentures or bridge work.

Please note each clinician sets his/her private prices at their own discretion depending on the challenges of each job. However the prices on this website give a rough idea of what you would be expected to pay. However although the prices were correct at time of publication they are subject to change and it is always a good idea to check with reception for the latest cosmetic dentistry price list.

Appletree Dental Care is in the West End of Glasgow. It is easily reached by public transport and there is parking nearby if you are bringing your car.