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Dental pain and what you can do about it

Dental pain can strike at unexpected and awkward times. If you are in great discomfort, contact us at the Glasgow practice on 0141 339 1961

We are committed to getting our patients out of dental pain as quickly and safely as possible. Read on for more information on dental pain.

Toothache? Check with your dentist

Dr Murphy offers reassurance for patients who find themselves suffering from dental pain.

Video transcript: Dental pain can keep you awake at night. It can cause discomfort when you are eating. It can be a constant thing. It can come without warning and it can be very severe.  

It is something that requires accurate and quick diagnosis. So we would normally try to get you into the practice within 24 hours, if not the day you have made the phone call and you will always be entitled, as a registered patient of our practice, to emergency cover.

Diagnosing the cause of your dental pain

When you come in we will often do a few simple tests. We will maybe use some cold air to see if the tooth is sensitive. We will tap your teeth gently to find out if there is any infection around them. We will take X-rays.

Once we have made our diagnosis, then we will try and get you out of pain as quickly as possible whether that’s with temporary fillings, a sedative type of material inside the cavity, or some antibiotics. Very simple things like making adjustments to the bit of teeth can make a big difference to the pain you are in.

What is a dental emergency?

It is quite possible to have a dental emergency without experiencing dental pain. However usually there is dental pain and we will look to relieve it as soon as possible. 

Patients should contact us if they experience an excessive amount of dental bleeding or marked facial swelling.

Other dental emergencies might be as a result of a facial injury and could include broken crowns, broken implants, missing teeth. 

Getting to Appletree

We have detailed directions to this part of Glasgow on our contact page but if you are driving and you are going to be here for less than two hours the best bet for parking is in the Glasgow West End retail park just up from our dental surgery in Crow Road.

If you are coming by train,  head for Partick railway station. We are just a few minutes walk from there along Dumbarton Road.