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Six Month Smiles

Appletree is one of the foremost Six Month Smiles clinics in Glasgow, offering you a short term orthodontic system that uses clear braces to gently straighten your teeth in an average of just six months.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles

  • Six Month Smiles rely on brackets not metal train tracks
  • Ceramic brackets look much more pleasing to the eye than metal
  • The brackets move your teeth with wires and small elastic bands over a period of just four to nine months
  • In moderate cases of crowding you will see the results within a few weeks
  • The braces should be off a few months later
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By focusing on the teeth that show when you smile your dentist can comfortably straighten your teeth and give you an attractive, pleasant smile

Six Month Smiles Reviews

Natasha was very happy with her newly straightened teeth. Here she describes her Six Months Smiles treatment in Glasgow.

She had her braces fitted by cosmetic dentist Dr Brendan Murphy and now comes back regularly to Appletree for all her dental treatments.

I'm absolutely delighted with the results of my six month brace. All the staff at Appletree dental care are all extremely pleasant and welcoming, putting me completely at ease. I would highly recommend this dentist for fantastic results and service.
Laura MacInnes

Six Month Smiles Before and After

clear braces before2
Before Six Month Smiles
After Six Month Smiles
After Six Month Smiles
six month smiles before photo
Before Six Month Smiles
six month smiles after photo
After Six Month Smiles
Before Six Month Smiles from below
Before Six Month Smiles
After Six Month Smiles from below
After Six Month Smiles

These photographs were taken before and after Six Month Smiles treatment in our Glasgow dental practice.

Six Month Smiles Patient Case Studies

Clear braces advantage

Craig originally came to our Glasgow practice intending to ask for porcelain veneers but once he understood the advantages of clear braces in his particular case he opted for Six Month Smiles.

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Upper arch braces

This patient needed braces for her upper arch only, which was quite flat with some rotation of her her incisors. Her orthodontic treatment resulted in a much rounder arch and nicely aligned teeth.

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Wedding braces

Lisa wanted her teeth straightened for her wedding. The treatment of choice was Six Month Smiles and the challenge here was her incisors needed rotating in opposite directions from each other. She made a lovely bride.

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Confidence in Your Braces

A confident smile is a winning smile. But many of the patients who come to our practice lack confidence and self-esteem just because they have a crooked smile or their teeth are out of line.

That is why short term orthodontics offers one of the most satisfying treatments in dentistry. Within just a few months we can straighten teeth, fix gaps, bring a confident smile back to a patient's face.

But what about while you are wearing braces? Many people dread those six months of fixtures and fittings in their mouths.

The good news is that because Six Month Smiles uses almost completely clear braces and subtle coloured bands, they are almost invisible to the casual observer.

Many of our orthodontics patients say that even their closest friends and family do not notice they are wearing braces.

Is it true that my teeth will be straightened in just 6 months?

Six months is the average time for treatment. When we recommend Six Month Smiles to our patients it is because experience has taught us the underlying technology will move or reposition your teeth both safely and quickly. For some patients, it can take up to nine months; others complete their treatment in as few as four months.

There are regular milestones along the way which will help us make sure your treatment is completed as quickly as possible and to your total satisfaction.

Are Six Month Smiles braces really invisible?

No, that is just a popular term for clear braces. Because your braces and wires are tooth-coloured they are hard to see to the casual observer. In fact many patients report that their friends did not even know they were wearing braces.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

Yes. This is usual with teeth-straightening treatments. The retainer we give you is necessary for maintaining the new, straighter position of your teeth. You have a choice however between a removable retainer, the most popular option, and a bonded retainer.

Is Six Month Smiles suitable for everyone?

No. However they provide a great solution for adults and older teenagers with squint teeth or spaces between their teeth and who do not require a major alteration to their bite. In fact, the majority of adults we see with mild crowding or spacing between their teeth candidates for Six Month Smiles at Appletree Dental Care.

How much do Six Month Smiles cost?

£2000 for one arch, £2500 for both arches
With free whitening with every 6 months smile treatment. We have a range of dental finance options to help spread the cost. Ask us about these today.

Check out some of our other options for clear braces. Remember your initial consultation at Appletree is completely free.