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Invisible Braces Glasgow

Patients wearing clear braces often tell us their friends do not even know they are wearing them. That is because advances in short term orthodontics mean braces can be more discrete than ever before.

Contact us for a free initial consultation and we will be happy to explain your clear braces options and how you can achieve a straighter and more natural looking smile in a surprisingly short time.

What are invisible braces?

Dr Murphy explains what we need to know in this video

  • Invisible braces are suitable for most adults in mild to moderate crowding cases or cases where people have spacing between their teeth
  • They are suitable for patients well into their 50s.
  • Your teeth need to be healthy or made healthy before you get braces.
  • We can hide braces behind your teeth
  • Or use clear plastic aligners which are hard for others to see.

Click to play Dr Murphy's video

Your choice of short term orthodontics

Invisalign system straightens your teeth using nearly invisible, removable aligners custom-made specifically for your teeth

Six Month Smiles clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are barely visible and achieve consistently cosmetic results.

The Inman Aligner system will gently guide your front teeth to an ideal position in a matter of weeks.

The latest innovations in clear braces

It does not matter whether you refer to them as invisible braces or clear braces, we know you want the least inconspicuous method of gaining straighter teeth and we will be glad to steer you towards the treatment that suits you best.

Do not forget that your first consultation here in our Glasgow dentist practice is free. Our friendly staff - several of whom have had invisible braces treatment themselves (ask them!) - will talk you through the various options.

Braces Review

I have just completed treatment of braces and some cosmetic work. Having been told by a couple of dentists in the past that braces were not possible with the condition my teeth were in, I left it a while before looking for dentist that may be able to do the work I wanted. After a lot of research I picked Brendan for an initial consultation, in which he explained everything to me very clearly and was willing to go ahead with my treatment. Throughout the whole treatment I have been able to discuss options as it went along and felt part of the whole process. I am now delighted with the results and have came a long way since my initial consultation. The whole treatment was as pleasant an experience as it can be for going to the dentist, really nice friendly staff in a very well run practice, would highly recommend.
Stevie D. Glasgow patient

Braces for adults

Braces used to be thought of as just for teenagers and school kids. No longer. Increasingly adults are coming to our Glasgow dental practice interested in straightening their teeth or perhaps closing a noticeable gap.

It is not just young adults coming to our door. There is no age limit for clear braces. The more important factors are the condition of your teeth and what sort of treatment you need. That is why we recommend an initial consultation with one of our dentists.

It is certainly true that the rise of clear braces has increased the number of adult coming to get their teeth straightened.

The fact they are more discrete in social situations and at work obviously appeals.

Why do adults get braces?

Some adults want braces because they have always had squint or overcrowded teeth and now they feel anxious or uncomfortable.

They may have had orthodontic treatment when they were children but did not stick with the treatment or failed to wear a retainer and the problem has returned.

Now they want straighter or more evenly distributed teeth for cosmetic reasons. They may want a more regular smile before they get married -  or to give them fresh confidence when looking for a job.

It is certainly true that teeth can change position as we get older. This might be to do with an injury or a natural occurrence. Then the patient may want their once-straight smile back again.

According to a recent BBC article more adults are wearing braces now than ever before. Whereas braces were once seen more as a dental treatment for teenagers orthodontists say grown-ups are coming through their doors to get their teeth straightened.

Indeed the British Orthodontic Society said 75% of their dentists report more adults wanting braces. This could be due to the rise of the selfie culture and of course Instagram. But also it has just become more accepted to see adults wearing braces, particularly celebrities - such as Fearne Cotton - who posted photos of her braces online - who make the idea seem cooler.

People used to think they had missed the baited once they got older and became self-conscious about a crooked smile or crowded teeth but once they come to see us in Glasgow they soon find out about the range of braces options, some offer a turn-round time of just six months.

The BBC article warned patients about the dangers of cutting corners

Meanwhile, the BOS said it was "extremely concerned" about the advent of DIY braces, where patients are sent devices in the post based upon scans of their teeth.

How much do adult braces cost?

Check out the different prices for invisible braces on our dental costs page. Several different options are available to spread the cost including 0% finance.