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A good dentist always cares about his profession and being a dentist is about more than the mechanics of caring for the individual patient's teeth. In this blog our dentists find something to say about dentistry today as well as comment on items in the news. By necessity this section isn't updated all that frequently because, after all they are very busy with the business of patient care and maintaining good notes, which is a process which can often occupy them long into the evening. However when they do have something pressing to say about the state of dentistry in Glasgow and some time to get it down in words you will find it here.

Simone Biles

Replacing Mercury Fillings in Back Teeth with More Cosmetic White Composite

12th August 2016

Mercury fillings in back teeth can be replaced with (white) posterior composite for £55-90 depending on the size of filling

teeth in a day patient in Glasgow

Floss Adjusters: Our Patients Have the Last Word on Flossgate

3rd August 2016

Lots of discussion this week about the benefits or otherwise of flossing your teeth. This is what our patients say.

raonic fights back pain with a mouth guard

Milos Raonic Fights His Back Pain with a Custom Mouth Guard

12th July 2016

Back pain can often be caused by tension throughout the body and this tension can be exacerbated, if not caused, by the act of grinding your teeth at night

patients want to know about sugar and teeth

Sugar and Teeth: A Glasgow Dentist’s View

23rd March 2016

The timing of sugar intake is important which is why we recommend that sugar consumption between meals is ill-advised.

clear aligners

Clear Aligners By Post and the Perils of Online Dentistry

15th March 2016

You can buy clear aligners online these days but at what cost to your dental health?

woman wondering: should I get braces at my age

Should I Get Braces? Older Adults Increasingly Ask Us About Orthodontic Treatments

14th March 2016

A lot of our adult patients wonder if they can still get dental braces now they are no longer teenagers.

glasgow dentist patient faq

Ask a Cosmetic Dentist – Your Questions for Dr Murphy

8th March 2016

Questions from our inbox for Dr Murphy, answered via video, mostly concerning cosmetic dentistry costs.

same day veneers patient in glasgow

Same Day Veneers – Fast and Convenient Dental Cosmetics

7th March 2016

Many patients choose same day veneers now. Treatment starts at 9am, finally veneers fitted at 5pm.

gum disease treatment

Gum Disease : A Glasgow Dentist’s Perspective on Periodontal Disease

5th March 2016

Did you know gum disease is the world’s 6th most common disease? Dr Murphy recently attended a course about gum disease for General Dental Practitioners.