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Appletree Dental Care

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Dentist Glasgow

Steven's Story

International footballer Steven Naismith plays for Everton but travels back to Glasgow to see his dentist.

Find out why he prefers to come to Appletree Dental Care for dental treatment and why he isn't such a nervous dental patient any more.

Natasha's Story

"I was just so happy I almost cried"

Natasha got braces to straighten her smile.

Here she talks about her cosmetic dentistry treatment at Appletree Dental Care and describes her route to a winning smile.

Megan's Story

"My teeth were perfect for my wedding photographs"

Her forthcoming wedding prompted Megan to get a smile makeover with Six Month Smiles braces.  You can hear how she got on in this video. 

Problems with Your Teeth? Unhappy with your smile?

1. Talk to us

Your initial consultation is free and we will give you professional unbiased advice about how you can solve your pressing dental issues. 

2. Ask our patients

There are testimonials on this website but you will also find reviews of Appletree Dental Care Glasgow on the internet. 

3. Calculate the costs

We are totally transparent about our prices and can help you spread the cost with payment plans and 0% interest.

Call Andrena or Laura on 0141 339 1961 to book your free initial consultation or use our form

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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can work well if you have particularly badly stained, worn, chipped or dark teeth.

Imagine false nails but for your teeth and manufactured to match the same shade as the rest of your teeth.   

porcelain veneers patient

Clear Braces

So discrete even your best friends can forget you are wearing braces.

We aim to offer the best treatments to fix your uneven or protruding teeth quickly and safely. 

clear braces patient

Dental Implants

As good as having your own teeth back and better than dentures.

Dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to broken or missing teeth.  

dental implants patient

Whiter Teeth

Tired of a dull or stained smile? Embarrassed to smile at all?

We have teeth whitening solutions to give you your confidence back. 

teeth whitening patient

Crowns and Bridges

We work with some of the best dental laboratories in the west of Scotland to offer you the latest in dental technologies to solve your dental problems.

dental crowns patient

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry Glasgow is often at the forefront of technology and professional practice. Check out our complete Glasgow Cosmetic Dentistry Collection

Full Service Dental Care

Dental Hygienist

Helping to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh throughout the year. 

Dental Sedation

The complete service of nervous dental patients. Ask us about your options.

Cosmetic Dentures

Strong and flexible using the latest in dental technologies.

Handy for Glasgow's West End

Getting to our corner of the west end of Glasgow could not be easier.

  • We are ten minutes from Byres Road
  • We are little more than 2 minutes from Partick railway station
  • The West End Retail Park with useful shops (Sainsbury, Marks & Spencer, Nero Coffee) and 2 hours parking is almost next to us on Crow Road

Check out the map of Glasgow on our contact page

For more detailed instructions for getting here, just give us a ring.

Meet the Team

principal dentists appletree dental care glasgow

Dedicated to making sure you have the best dental experience possible. Find out more about the Appletree Dental Care team.

Hear from our patients

May's Story

After a complex dental condition and years of continuous discomfort in her jaw, May came to Appletree Dental Care for treatment including dental implants.

Now, for the first time in 15 years she doesn't have any pain in the lower part of her mouth.

Susannah's Story

Susannah had lost all confidence in her smile before she came to visit her favourite Glasgow dentist practice.

Find out how her treatment changed her and what was involved. 


Innes' Story

Innes thought about going abroad to save money on his dental implant treatment.

In the end he was glad he stayed in Scotland and had his dental implants in Glasgow. 


Case Studies

dental checkup at Glasgow dentist practice

We have a variety of cosmetic dentistry case studies featuring recent patients.

Porcelain Veneer Case Study – Covering a Brown Tooth

Stephanie from West End Glasgow), needed a porcelain veneer after she complained that the edges of her teeth weren’t straight and that she also had a brown tooth. Detached Retainer Problem Upon examination it was revealed that she had a bonded wire orthodontic retainer which had debonded (become detached). This had caused drifting of the front… Read More »

Dental Implants Case Study Matching Porcelain Crowns

The appearance of Brian’s teeth was affected by a history of smoking which can cause staining. A perfect match, however, was established between the new crowns and the old ones.

Invisible Braces Case Study Using Clear Brackets

Treatment took six months and involved a system which is similar to Six Month Smiles but with hand placed cosmetic brackets.

Incisor Porcelain Crown Case Study

How our Glasgow dentist replaced an old discoloured porcelain crown on the patient’s incisor with a new more cosmetic version.

From Our Blog

dr murphy with joe calzaghe

Check out the latest posts on the Glasgow Dentist Blog

The Gift of Cosmetic Dentistry for Christmas and Beyond

cosmetic dentistry for Christmas

It can be hard to think of a much-needed present for a friend or relative at this time of year, particularly one that will change their lives for the better. The gift of cosmetic dentistry however may well last them for the rest of their lives. Can you think of a close relative who would… Read More »