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Welcome to Appletree Dental Care, a friendly and professional Glasgow dentist practice.

We will do all we can to help you get the treatment you want with the utmost care and attention and with fair and transparent dental prices.

Dr Brendan Murphy

(BDS Glasgow)

Dr Brendan Murphy, Glasgow dentist

Please call 07920 773334 between 9am and 6pm if you are a patient suffering from severe dental pain, facial swelling, bleeding or trauma. After 6pm and at weekends please contact NHS 24 by calling 111.

Coronavirus Update from Dr Murphy

The CDO for Scotland advised us on 21 May that we must remain closed for now.
He has issued a phased opening for practices from 31st July 2020. We will not then be allowed to carry out Aerosol Generating Procedures eg fillings, root treatments, crown treatments, within ‘mixed’ practices. These are practices which have both NHS and private patients.
Although most of our work at both Crystal and Appletree Dental Care is within private contract we must consider his advice very carefully.
We must also balance that with our consideration for our patient’s best interests.
One of the concerns I have personally for our patients is that even if patients wish to keep their back (molar) teeth, there is nowhere that they can receive treatment should they be in severe pain.
The only option in those circumstances is extraction at an Urgent Dental Centre (UDCs).
General Dental Practitioners, like their General Medical Practitioner counterparts, are bound to ‘do no harm’ by their regulator, the GDC.
We must therefore weigh up the risks of Covid19 exposure versus an alternative harm, factoring all of the other parts of a risk assessment.
These include normal measures such as distancing, reducing contact numbers, extensive PPE and many, many more. The Scottish Government and CDO do not yet seem happy with our ability to make those risk assessments and take the measures required at this stage.
There are, in these times, many ‘emergencies’ which are not covered by the criteria necessary for referral to the UDCs. These include pus which is draining from teeth or implants without associated and severe pain, often in patients who suffer from conditions like diabetes; also, loose teeth or implant restorations which are being retained by screws susceptible to fracture if not tightened, (a situation which is almost impossible to retrieve from within an implant); cavities or exposed dentine causing extreme sensitivity which affects the patient’s ability to eat - ongoing for 9 weeks (at the point of writing) in some cases; missing front teeth (crowns/bridges/dentures) which require re-fixing - often referred to as a ‘social’ emergency.
This list is not comprehensive but the numbers are growing and will continue to do so between now and August.
I have to say, in terms of my experience of dentistry in the Glasgow area over 28 years, never until now have I offered a service which I am deeply unhappy with, one which I feel is inadequate.
My associate Dr Kirk and I will, however, continue to offer our patients the best advice that we possibly can. If they are fortunate enough to qualify for the UDC referral and keen to be seen by a dentist there, we will happily refer them.
If antibiotics have been prescribed and failed to resolve an issue, patients should be aware that extraction is often the only option, notably for all molar teeth.
Currently the only conditions for referral are a facial/dental  swelling which hasn’t responded to antibiotics, severe pain (uncontrolled by painkillers), uncontrolled dental bleed, certain types of trauma.
I will endeavour to keep our patients advised of any update to the above.

Checking Your Own Teeth and Mouth

As we don’t know how long it will be until we resume normal service we would like our patients to regularly check their mouths for any signs of anything unusual or that causes them concern.

Better to look and call us for advice than to leave something unchecked for an indeterminate amount of time.

Our colleague Sarah Falconer, dentist at EnVisage in Falkirk and Cumbernauld has shared this handy poster from the Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer charity, a very worthwhile resource. You can find them here

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© Let's Talk About Mouth Cancer

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I was so happy with the end result If there hadn't been people there I would have cried!

Natasha: Six Month Smiles

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Brendan is very genuine. You can tell he really cares about the finished picture.

Megan: Braces for her wedding


Every stage of treatment has been very good and has filled me with confidence.

Susannah: Veneers and white fillings

Fair and Competitive Prices

We believe in affordable dental health care. As well as offering free and low cost NHS dentist services we keep many of our private dentistry prices below the Scottish average. And our dental payment options mean you can get the dental treatment you want right now and get finance or pay as you go along. Here is an example of our cosmetic dentistry fees:

Average price in the UK


for a single implant with crown

Average price in Scotland


for a single implant with crown

Price at Appletree


for a single implant with crown

Is there anything about your teeth you would like to change?

Check out the 123 of cosmetic dentistry

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  2. We agree on a treatment plan together
  3. We deliver measurable results and a visible difference

Award-winning dental team

Meet the Appletree dental team

Dr Brendan Murphy is a Glasgow dentist registered with the General Dental Council. He is principal at the practice and has more than 20 years experience working with patients in the city's West End. He leads the Dentist Glasgow team in offering a full range of clinical dental services offering both NHS and private dental treatment.

We are fully committed to the dental health of our patients and promise to treat you with care and professionalism.

Nervous dental patients welcome

We realise many people need courage to see a dentist. They may have suffered from poor treatment recently or have bad memories of visiting the dentist when they were a child.

We aim to provide a friendly, caring, relaxed and welcoming environment where we help you talk through your fears and we take time to explain why and how we do things and proceed when you feel comfortable.

We provide dental sedation for those patients who need it or when the treatment calls for it.

Free dental consultation

  1. Phone our Glasgow dental practice. Andrena will go through a short series of questions to find out what kind of problems you have with your teeth. She can also answer questions about costs of dental treatments before making an appointment
  2. You will get a reminder via text about 48 hours before your appointment.
  3. You will have a full 20 minute conversation with the dentist free of charge when we go through all of the options, treatments and costs.
  4. You will be given a custom treatment plan to take away. We will give you an idea of costs but there is no pressure to commit to treatment.

Match of the Day

Find out why Scotland striker Steven Naismith prefers to come back to Glasgow to see his dentist.

Steven and others speak frankly about their experience of dental treatment at Appletree on our dental reviews page.

New to Glasgow? Your choice of dental treatments

A wide range of dental treatments are available on the NHS to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. You may be surprised to hear what is included. In our short video, a Glasgow dentist explains what the NHS provides. Also check out the current NHS dental charges in Scotland.

Is it time for a smile makeover? A wide range of private dental treatments are available at some of the best dental prices in Glasgow including porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns, cosmetic dentures and clear braces for straighter teeth.

Full range of dental services

In addition to our cosmetic dentistry work we also offer our patients a full range of general dental services including regular checkups, fillings, scale and polish, everything you expect from your family dentist.

Our professional hygienist will be glad to welcome you with regular check-ups, friendly advice on dental care as well as specific treatment relating to our cosmetic procedures.

If any of our patients are experiencing severe toothache or have a dental trauma we want to hear from them. If the situation is urgent please pick up the phone.

Some patients feel stress at the thought of going to the dentist and we do our best to put them at ease. We can offer sedation if requested or where a procedure calls for it.

Located in the West End of Glasgow

Appletree Dental Care is in the west end of Glasgow, just 10 minutes from Glasgow city centre. Get directions on our contact page.

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