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Flexible Dentures

We are delighted to offer our patients Flexi Dentures, a new and very convenient type of flexible dentures. These are available now from our Glasgow practice and are made to your exact requirements by one of our  dental lab partners.

Advantages of Flexible Dentures

  • They make use of tooth-borne clasps - not tissue fixings - so they are more comfortable in your mouth
  • They stay in better. They are less likely to fall out of your mouth at the wrong moment and cause embarrassment
  • The palate on Flexi Dentures is thinner. This makes it less intrusive than the usual acrylic dentures and therefore more comfortable
  • We have a good range of palate colours to match your exiting tissue as well as clear
  • These dentures are almost invisible when they are in your mouth
  • They are strong. They are also less rigid than acrylic dentures so less likely to break
  • They are non-allergenic, containing none of the materials that some patients find irritating
  • Flexible dentures are lightweight. You are not so likely to notice them in your mouth
  • They look better than acrylic dentures
  • They can hide the appearance of recessed gums
  • From start to finish, getting flexible dentures is a quick process

This includes: the dentures, special tray and finish.