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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to fill gaps where teeth have been extracted. The remaining teeth on either side of the space are used to cement a false tooth to. Bridges therefore cannot be removed like dentures can.

Porcelain bonded to metal bridge

This is the same as a porcelain bonded to metal crown but for each unit (tooth) on a bridge it costs slightly more due to more work for the technician.

For Private treatment, the cost is £250-£400 per unit.

Maryland bridge

This is a false tooth placed in an existing space by bonding it to a tooth/teeth on either side using a resin cement. Maryland bridges are priced from £300 depending on the teeth involved.

Ceramic bridge

By removing some enamel around the outside of a tooth/teeth in either side of a space we can create an extra tooth which is attached and cemented onto the adjusted teeth. These have no metal alloy substructure therefore look exactly the same as the original enamel, as long as they are shade matched by our expert technicians. We will send you to our laboratory in Glasgow to ensure the best possible results. Ceramic work is priced at £390 per tooth.

Implant bridge work

During the restorative phase of implant treatment we may fit porcelain or bonded bridgework. These involve precision components and gold posts. Bridges are cemented or screwed onto these components if fixed and priced at £750-£850 per tooth.

Patient Reviews

I was referred to Brendan at Appletree by my dentist as a result of my front bridge (2 teeth) repeatedly falling out with the only option available via my regular dentist being false teeth. Further to a free consultation I proceeded with 2 dental implants with the overall treatment being relatively pain free and competitively priced. Now 3 months after completion of all the treatment I would recommend this treatment to anyone with similar problems / issues. The treatment received from Brendan and his staff at Appletree was very personal, professional and friendly.

Bernie R, Glasgow patient

The British Dental Health Foundation has a wealth of information about dental bridges.