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Teeth Whitening

There are two types of teeth whitening in our Glasgow practice. There is a strong peroxide treatment which is performed in the surgery and there are the teeth whitening kits which you take away and use at home.

Steps to a whiter smile

In this short video Glasgow dentist Dr Brendan Murphy describes the teeth whitening options at our Glasgow dental practice.

Your choice of tooth whitening

Tooth whitening can either be done as nightwear whitening or 30 minutes per day whitening for 10 days at home.

The trays are custom made for your teeth. They are quite comfortable and can be kept for top-up spells of whitening in the future. On average the brightness will drop 50% by every 3 years. We can give you a top-up to counteract this.

Alternatively you can opt for one hour power whitening in the surgery.

Power whitening is done in the surgery with a more powerful whitening agent. It is used for those who want teeth whitened quickly. The results tend not to be as good as with the home whitening kits unless the procedure is repeated.

teeth whitening for a brighter smile

Appletree Dental Care is able to cater for various levels of discolouration, and our clinic's team will be happy to discuss your options.

How much does tooth whitening cost?

  • Home Kit whitening - £265 to £400
  • Top-up pack (4 syringes) - £60
  • Top-up syringe - £25
  • One hour power whitening - £265 to £310
  • Combination 1hr/home - £350 to £550

An attractive smile can take you a long way, but what about when your whites aren't so pearly anymore? After years of eating, smoking and drinking coffee or tea, teeth can lose their brilliance. That's where we can help.

Talking about a whiter smile, check out our page on white fillings and porcelain inlays. Inlays are great for when you need to fill a larger spaced or where a tooth needs more protection.

Enlighten Whitening

Appletree Dental Care is pleased to offer the outstanding Enlighten teeth whitening system for dazzling results.

What is Enlighten Whitening?

Enlighten teeth whitening is an advanced system for whitening your teeth, potentially making your teeth up to a dozen shades brighter. Enlighten is also one of the more long-lasting whitening treatments. If you have badly stained teeth and have not had success with other whitening treatments our Glasgow Enlighten whitening service could be your answer.

What does treatment involve?

Your Enlighten whitening treatment makes use of custom-made bleaching trays. These are custom made from impressions of your teeth. The result is optimum contact between your teeth and the whitening gel that when you wear your tray. You should wear these trays with whitening gel for at least fourteen consecutive nights before returning to the Glasgow practice a one hour deep bleaching session.

What makes Enlighten Whitening so special?

For one thing, Enlighten lasts longer than most other teeth whitening treatments and after your initial treatment, you can continue using the product without fear of dental sensitivity.

This is due to the particular gel used in Enlighten teeth whitening, which minimises dental sensitivity, as well as a custom swab that desensitises any temporary effects. This means trays can subsequently be used for a night every eight weeks to maintain your new white smile without risk of damage to your teeth.

Why choose it for your teeth whitening?

Enlighten can brighten even the most stained teeth and if used correctly deliver a 95% success rate. Coffee, tea, food and smoking stains can be treated and removed with Enlighten with a level of permanence not available from other comparable products.

Some other whitening systems dehydrate your teeth. Then once hydration has returned the discolouration does too. This is not how it works with Enlighten which uses a lower dose of bleach concentrate. This may result in a longer treatment time but it also means it is long-lasting, safe and gentle as well as delivering brighter and more permanent results than other teeth whitening products.

If you are interested in Enlighten teeth Whitening at one of our Glasgow practices, book a free initial consultation at the practice on 0141 339 1961.