nervous dental patient

Nervous dental patients are welcome at our Glasgow practice

Many people come to us as nervous dental patients. They may not have been to a dentist for years. They may have developed a dental phobia from early childhood experiences or experienced fear of the dentist because of more recent bad dental treatment in Glasgow.

In short it has become dental fear central inside their heads and we have to tackle that situation with patience and understanding.

Embarrassed to go to the dentist

Some people are embarrassed to go to the dentist because it has been so long and their teeth are a mess and in desperate need of treatment.

If this is your situation, if you feel dental anxiety because of it, relax – there is is very little we haven’t seen before and we are particularly sensitive towards nervous patients.

As Dr Robert Kirke says in our video, “I usually tell people that everything will be done at a pace that is conformable for you. We will discuss any anxieties you have.”


Overcoming dental anxiety

At your initial dental consultation we will ask questions to find out how we can make the experience comfortable for you.

The patient has a lot of control over their own dental procedure. We can pause what we are doing at any point if you ask.

As far as the agreed treatment plan is concerned, some people prefer to get everything over and done with as quickly as possible, others prefer to spread treatments out over several visits. “We just work with whatever works best for you.”

We make sure you are nice and numb during treatment. If you require or ask for dental sedation you can find out more about it beforehand from your dentist.

For many patients it is just a matter of getting over the anxiety of the first appointment and once they discover they have nothing to fear from going to a dentist they have the courage to come back regularly afterwards, leading to healthier teeth and gums and a brighter smile.

Many of our patients featured on our patient testimonials page tell us they were a nervous dental patient before they came but were soon won over by the friendly professional staff at Appletree.