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Zirconium Crowns Over Very Dark Front Teeth: Case Study

Marcus had recently been attending an orthodontist to have his front teeth straightened.

He was unconcerned by the discrepancy of his bite and happy with the level of straightness.

The upper left premolar was missing and Marcus was concerned about the very dark upper central incisors. These had been traumatised during his childhood.

Marcus Before Crowns
Marcus before his implant and crowns

Dr Brendan Murphy advised the patient that the main challenge would be disguising the very dark roots of the incisors – these can shine through the gum margins slightly.

Fitting a Dental Implant Crown

He provided Marcus with an implant crown in ceramic porcelain for the upper left first premolar. He then fitted similar zirconium crowns on the upper central incisors.

Marcus After Crowns
After implant and crowns

Marcus paid £2763 for one implant and three porcelain crowns.

“I think it’s the best money I’ve ever spent- I shopped around but Appletree were the best price for top cosmetic work. Originally the orthodontist started it for me but Dr Murphy has given me the real boost to my confidence. I can’t thank him and the girls enough.

My smile was a rare occurrence before but now I can’t hide it!”

Brendan Murphy

A highly-respected cosmetic dentist in Glasgow, Dr Brendan Murphy is a graduate of dentistry from Glasgow University, he has worked with dental patients in the city for more than 20 years. He has a particular interest in dental implantology as well as considerable experience in many kinds of cosmetic dentistry. However, regardless of the treatment services required, Dr Murphy is, first and foremost, motivated to deliver the results his patients want and need.