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Grinding His Teeth at Night : Porcelain Crown and White Fillings Case Study

This patient travelled from Inverness to see Dr Murphy when his regular dentist told him that he could not provide the type of cosmetic dentistry he was looking for.

The patient had large discoloured white fillings in his front teeth and some teeth were chipped because of a tendency to grind them at night.

After trying different types of tooth whitening the patient was not happy with the results and opted to have two porcelain ceramic crowns for his two front teeth, in addition to four porcelain veneers – two on either side.

The initial photos show the differences between a minimum porcelain veneer preparation and that of a porcelain crown which is a more radical adjustment.

crown and fillings study 1


crown and fillings study 3

The picture from underneath and behind the teeth demonstrates the full coverage of a crown and the nature of a veneer coverage, which is a facing on the outside of the tooth.

crown and fillings study 4

Our ceramist, Alec, had established a very accurate porcelain fitting margin in order to ensure that the blend between tooth, cement and porcelain is almost undetectable.

crown and fillings study 2

Another detail which is key in such cases is the match up between a porcelain crown adjacent to a veneer- not always easy to achieve if different types of porcelain are required as in this case, due to the patient’s grinding tendency.

As always, the patient will now attend his regular dentist for routine check ups and hygienist visits.

The treatment costs were £2213 including X-rays. The patient selected Appletree Dental Care after researching the prices and reviews on our website.

Brendan Murphy

A highly-respected cosmetic dentist in Glasgow, Dr Brendan Murphy is a graduate of dentistry from Glasgow University, he has worked with dental patients in the city for more than 20 years. He has a particular interest in dental implantology as well as considerable experience in many kinds of cosmetic dentistry. However, regardless of the treatment services required, Dr Murphy is, first and foremost, motivated to deliver the results his patients want and need.