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Dental Implants on a Titanium Bar: When There is Insufficient Bone

What do you do when you have virtually no remaining bone for implants?

Donald came to us from his regular NHS dentist in Helensburgh who referred him for dental implant treatment.

He had tired of the bulk on his upper denture, having had all top teeth removed many years ago.

Insufficient Bone For Implants
Insufficient Bone For Implants

There was insufficient bone to place implants of sufficient size and number initially but following sinus grafts and a long period of graft integration, we were able to place five implants into the upper jaw.

The second stage involved fitting a fixed titanium bar with five small screws into the implants.

Titanium Bar on Implants
Titanium Bar on Implants

This fixture is extremely rigid and allows patients to chew steak, bite apples and enjoy full function without movement of teeth. It also allows excellent hygiene around the implants.

You can see from the photos that 4 implants are placed at the back of the upper jaw, entirely within the new sinus bone.

Titanium Bar With Dental Implants
Titanium Bar With Dental Implants

The final structure is made of high impact acrylic, very cosmetically designed gum, with clip attachments locking it onto the titanium bar.

Donald paid £2200 for sinus grafting, £5000 for 5 implants, £4500 for the titanium bar and final prosthesis.

Had there been sufficient bone initially, treatment would have been completed using four implants at a total cost of £8500, including prosthesis.

Brendan Murphy

A highly-respected cosmetic dentist in Glasgow, Dr Brendan Murphy is a graduate of dentistry from Glasgow University, he has worked with dental patients in the city for more than 20 years. He has a particular interest in dental implantology as well as considerable experience in many kinds of cosmetic dentistry. However, regardless of the treatment services required, Dr Murphy is, first and foremost, motivated to deliver the results his patients want and need.