A Few Questions Answered

Would more advanced forms of dentistry make you feel more confident?

We offer cutting edge treatments, including implants or orthodontics (cosmetic braces) to provide our patients with the full range of options. Our commitment to you is to improve the health, aesthetic appearance and functional aspects of your teeth.

Would more specific cosmetic improvements be suitable for you?

Porcelain veneers, crowns and tooth whitening have become increasingly popular in recent years. We can advise you of the safest and most beneficial improvements to your dental health.

Are you nervous about coming to see us?

Our dentists and support staff are highly experienced in helping patients to feel comfortable and relaxed in our treatment rooms. We never rush appointments, and your first appointment will be for consultation only.

Would you prefer a quote prior to treatment begins?

This will be given to you in all except the most complex of cases at the first appointment. Your consultation is free of charge.

How can you arrange your first visit?

Please call: Glasgow West End clinic- Andrena on 0141 339 7916.